Challenge Thank You




Thank you for signing up for the 5-Day Continue Your Resolution Keto Challenge .  It all kicks off on Monday March 4th!


Your next 4 steps to getting !t done…

  • Check your email to get all the juicy details…

    Find the email with subject line “[Keto Challenge] You’re In! + Important Instructions Inside”. If you don’t have it in your inbox in a few moments, be sure to check spam/junk.  Also be sure to “white list” my email, so that you are sure to get your daily emails.

  • Mark your calendar and set an alarm

    Do this now.  Block 30-minutes each day for our time together. March 4-8 at 1:00pm MST.  Also block another 15-30 minutes each and everyday during the challenge to complete each days simple action item.  Seriously do it now….block your time so you can be accountable and start letting your inner badass run free.

  • Request Access to the Facebook Group (this is where it all goes down)

    This is Probably the most important action item you can do before the challenge starts.  This is where all the juiciness will be happening.  Do this right now if you are serious about this 5-Day Continue Your Resolution Keto Challenge. >>><<<

  • Share with your friends and colleagues

    If you know anyone that you think could benefit from the keto lifestyle, please invite them. The more the merrier and it always so much more fun when you do things like this with friends.  Here is the link you can share with them.  Simply copy and paste. >>><<<

  • Be a Keto Badass and Win:

    Do you want to win a $25 Amazon gift card?

    All you have to do is:

    1. Follow me on Instagram here: @gingerrootsfitness
    2. Post about the online challenge and use the hashtag #KetoChallengewithCourtney on IG or Facebook to get entered into the drawing. (Your IG profile + FB posts must be public to count)
    3. The person who engages the most in the FB group & shares on Instagram will win a $25 Amazon gift card!