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Ginger Roots Fitness is female owned Colorado Springs personal trainer, working with clients in-home and at your local Anytime Fitness gym facility. We also offer online courses and materials to help you navigate your fitness and nutrition journey, and we’re excited for the opportunity to help more folks find their way to a lifetime of fitness and a long-term mentality surrounding nutrition and exercise.

Our approach takes in account the wonderful diversity and uniqueness of the female anatomy. The amazing structural and anatomical details of a woman’s body can be difficult to navigate, but we’re here to let women know that their bodies can lift weight and be strong, smash the gym with confidence, and own their unique strength with pride.

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A Female Personal Trainer with Fierce Passion

Ginger Roots is owned by Courtney Harris, a female personal trainer with a passion for seeing people succeed. Women personal trainers can be a great fit for both male and female clients, as the feminine approach can be less intimidating for some and our empathy can often achieve unique levels of understanding in care as we interact with our clients. We have been excited to see clients of all walks of life meet their goals and develop a new way of living fit. We pride ourselves in being the kind of personal trainer that meets our client where they are in their fitness path and then running alongside them to be their cheerleader and advocate. Clients are more than customers. Clients are people we become passionately invested in, because we love seeing people overcome what they once deemed impossible.

Finding a personal trainer who is willing to come to your home can solve many problems, especially if you struggle with mobility, anxiety, or other challenges that make getting into the gym difficult. We want to help people conquer their fears surrounding fitness and get into shape where they may be—and that journey can start in your living room.

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Meet Your Personal Trainer In-Home

Ginger Roots Fitness offers in-home personal training in the Colorado Springs Area, as well as within a local gym facility, along with online fitness plan options. This combination makes us easily accessible around the clock, and it is a truly customizable approach to fitness training is what makes us a unique and perfect fit for many people.

If you are looking for a female personal trainer or a personal trainer who is an energetic advocate for her clients, we can help. If you need a fitness and nutrition coach who can help you conquer your body goals and address health issues that arise from dietary issues and fitness challenges, then we’re ready to chat and show you what we can do to help you conquer.

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Looking for a Personal Trainer?

Ginger Roots might be the right Colorado Springs personal trainer for you if you are looking for a fitness trainer who assesses where you in your physicality, meets you where you are with fierce commitment, and believes that a tailored plan can overcome your biggest fears and doubts about what a fitness lifestyle can look like.

Once you find a personal trainer that really connects with you and works to understand your unique body, it can be life-changing as suddenly your workouts are tailored to you in a way that really seeks to understand and fit your needs. You will find your unique fitness plan more interesting, engaging, and challenging, while targeting your specific and unique needs in a way that can’t compare to other classes that are less tailored and follow a more one-size-fits-all mentality.

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We hope you find our website full of great information to get you started along your fitness and nutrition journey, and we would love to connect to get started on your personalized fitness and nutrition plan. Our clients find Ginger Roots Fitness to be a total mind-body-wellness centered practice, and we believe our approach to fitness and nutrition speaks volumes as to why.

Let us shape your body-mind-wellness connection with the positive influence of total-wellness based fitness that looks at the whole picture and addresses all the moving parts. We provide fitness assessments, customized plans, and a challenging, positive, and fun approach that will definitely have you reaching for the top because the power of confidence and positive support can be absolutely life-changing.

    Fit is not a destination, it is a way of life!