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ACE Certified

American Sports and Fitness Association Certified

Personal Trainer for Women

Reduce Stress


Sharpen Memory

Become Creative

More Relaxation

Alleviate Anxiety

Fitness is not a Destination...

It is our way of life…Take care of your body by working out regularly. It is the only place you have …to live in! Remember you are a force to reckon with

Builds Strength

Therefore, you function at your maximum!

With each lift comes increased strength.  This will help you in everyday practices and more!

Boosts your Endurance

Improves your cognitive functioning

Increase your strength AND endurance through your lifts!


Build up immunity & lower anxiety

Did you know that muscle BURNS fat!  So turn your body into a fat burning machine when you are away from the gym!

I am working on myself, by myself & for myself…

Our Special Trainers

Well-qualified & Certified Personal Trainer

Courtney Harris


I have been in the fitness industry for over a decade!  I have 2 years completed for my BS in Nutrition Science.  Nutrition and Fitness are my passions and my obsessions.  Work with a trainer who is versatile and who cares!

Fit is not a destination, it is a way of life!

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