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Personal Training

Personal training with Ginger Roots can be arranged within a professional gym facility, or it can be scheduled for in-home training that puts the gym in your living space to create a routine that truly works for your daily life. This personalized approach takes the customization to a new level, as we bring the equipment for your session but also come up with creative ideas to show you how to make your fitness plan work no matter what your living room set-up is.


As you consider personal training, the location or focus of your personal trainer is often a large concern. Ginger Roots is Colorado Springs-based, with online support options to help you if traveling or distance is a factor. For Colorado Springs-local personal training, our schedule and travel will flexibly serve your needs.

Personal Training for those with Disability & Mobility Challenges

We are an inclusive company, working with those from all walks of life. Our approach to each client is so incredibly tailored, we do not discriminate against any fitness level, disability, or other mobility/fitness challenge. In fact, Ginger Roots is built on the idea that fitness and nutrition can be life-changing for everyone no matter what, and it is this commitment to the cause that drives us to be so inclusive and accepting of absolutely all body types, fitness levels, and circumstances.


We look at disability and mobility challenges as factors to consider, but not necessarily as a limitation. This positive approach allows us to work with the individual to strengthen and build where possible, and work with—not against—disabilities and injuries. It has been our pleasure to see the circumstances of many clients struggling with autoimmune disease, MS, fertility issues, cancer, and more achieve amazingly positive results that left them in a better position than they’ve been in years.

Private Fitness Training as an Investment

Private fitness training can be an incredible investment and gift to yourself. The standard cardio-strength circuit at the gym can only do so much for your unique situation. Every single body deserves assessment and a customized plan because injuries, strengths, weaknesses, and natural tendencies or learned habits can drastically affect the results we see in the gym.

If you feel at a loss of where to begin because your postpartum body has changed, or you’ve never quite recovered from an injury as you expected, we are here to help you with an assessment and honest conversation about how to get where you’re going.


Elaborate workout plans specific to your situation



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Women’s Health & Fitness Training

We can help address issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti, and other issues specific to women’s anatomy and, particularly, childbearing. We understand the mother’s journey can take a lot longer than the typically thought-of postpartum phase. We have worked with clients who suffer long-term issues after c-section, multiple births, or traumatic births. Our empathy and compassion combine with our knowledge to hold women in a supported space to modify and customize the fitness approach to help her achieve more than what many say she can or should. We do all this with safety and health in mind, and we’re excited to show you how we can help you restore hope and confidence after years of feeling left behind.


Ginger Roots has also worked with those trying to conceive, those struggling with fertility, injury or illness. In many cases, our clients report a better outlook on life, boosted energy, greater confidence, and an overall improved sense of wellbeing.

Personal Training for Injury Recovery & Illness

We can help clients work through and around injury and help achieve a better recovery outcome. Our knowledge of the human body, anatomy, and fitness training gives us the toolbox it takes to deal with joint issues and the many not-so-great adjustments and habits our bodies will employ to cope. Sometimes, your compensation for an injury can leave you stumped with how to continue in the gym, or you may be inadvertently developing habits that contribute to new injuries or greater problems.


If you are struggling with an injury, a personal trainer can help assess your habits, your form and level of fitness to determine the best way forward to work with and around long-issues that have been a nagging nuisance for years.


Ginger Roots has also seen great success in improving the quality of life of those living with autoimmune diseases such as MS, as well as those contending with fertility issues, cancers, and other compromising health concerns that seem like an impediment in the gym. However, our fearless approach is to meet the situation head-on, address the issue, and respond with exceptional training that helps heal.

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If you would like to get started in-person, contact us to find more about how we’re working to change lives in Colorado Springs through the best personal training we have to offer. We are passionate about our community, and are always excited to connect with clients who are ready for radical change and an amazing journey.