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Workout Plans

Our workout plans are customized to fit your needs through our Personal Training options and tailored plans based on your physical assessment and unique goals and needs. We also offer online workout plans that can help you shake up your routine, try new things, and build your skills where you have otherwise felt intimidated or left behind.


We take into consideration your goals and what you like. We tailor plans to meet your physical level of fitness and push you to a new level of strength, coordination, and overall fitness. If you’re feeling a bit lost in the gym, we can help you navigate machines, routines, and equipment that can take your workout to a new level.

Workout Program for Women

If you are looking for a specific, customizable workout program for women, we’re excited to help! So many women feel they don’t belong in the weight room, and limit themselves to cardio or group fitness classes. We believe quite the opposite, though, that women are extremely strong and capable of killing it on the weight floor. But we do acknowledge that certain anatomical and lifestyle issues for women do really pose risks for injury and aggravation. This is why we tailor workout plans for women to take in account pelvic floor health, postpartum recovery, and addressing issues that are often overlooked and under-discussed like prolapse, diastasis recti, and reproductive issues.


Beyond this, we consider women’s metabolism and how weightlifting can have a hugely positive impact on your metabolism and the way you relate to your own body. We want to encourage women to attack their workout plan with enthusiasm and playfulness, determination and confidence.

Great Gym Workouts Aren’t All the Same

Great gym workouts aren’t all the same, and that is what makes a great personal trainer priceless. We can plan a great gym workout that is tailored to fit you, combining what you excel at with what you enjoy, to then build a plan that addresses your challenges and target goals while keeping the routine varied, fun, and the kind of challenge you’re driven to strive for more.


If you’re tired of the same old daily gym grind, let us develop a customized a workout routine that will become your go-to for an uplifting hour of fitness challenge that will leave you with an endorphin rush to motivate you to come back to the floor for more.


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Weightlifting & Cardio

Weightlifting and cardio are sometimes posed as two types of people who have a friendly, ongoing personality spar but at the end of the day, we believe in the best of both worlds. Our personal passion centers around weight lifting and the amazing effects it can have on body sculpting, metabolism, and other benefits—but we notice many women shy away from weight training, heavy or serious lifting, and focus on cardio more. Because of this, we sought to put together well-balanced workout plans that focus on the empowering benefits of weightlifting, sculpting, and toning.


Weightlifting and cardio are the foundational elements of an exercise program designed for women who want to achieve more and find a well-rounded routine. It’s our goal to diversify the gym routine to create a weekly exercise plan that will become your absolute favorite way to burn away the stress.

Fitness Plans and Workout Goals

We are so passionate about developing workout plans for men and women everywhere, we load our fitness plans with innovative, fun, tried-and-true fitness plans that really work to meet your workout goals. When developing an exercise program for women, we keep in mind the common pelvic floor issues women tend to face more than their male counterparts. However, with our love of weightlifting, we teach women how to safely lift and go beyond what they dreamed possible.


If your workout goals are a bit uncertain, even, let us show you what a dedicated fitness plan can do to take your body shaping, muscle-sculpting to the next level. We are excited to offer a variety of plans and options to meet your journey wherever you are physically.

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Let’s face it, you’re ready to find a new routine and get in touch with a new you. Or, at the very least, shake up your current workout routine and find something that’s a little more challenging, a little more made to fit you. Let’s get talking about how we can make the best gym program your program—and watch your gym routine transform into something you’re really excited about as you see the physical and mental benefits.