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Ginger Roots Fitness

Courtney Harris is the founder and owner of Ginger Roots Fitness, and it was her passion for helping others achieve and conquer that led her to become the one-woman-powerhouse behind Ginger Roots. A single mother with the courage of a lion and a huge heart for other women, she found herself hurting for women who seemed to doubt their ability or belonging in the weight room.

“A lot of women are Cardio Queens,” Courtney says, “…and I want them to know that they are powerful, strong, and capable of lifting and belonging in any part of the gym.”

This dedication to empowering women and lifting up her female clients goes beyond gendered aspects of fitness. She also has a heart for helping those who have been told they can’t or they shouldn’t. She has seen radical healing and amazingly “impossible” comebacks for clients who struggled with autoimmune disease, including MS. She has used her knowledge in nutritional wellness and physical fitness to address fertility issues, mental health, and all types of injuries.

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Goal for Women

It is the goal of Ginger Roots to become a champion of the underdog’s cause. Women should feel empowered to lift and excel outside of the dance class, off of the treadmill, and on the weight bench, around weight machines, and in wielding dumbbells. For each of her clients, Courtney is all about conquering the impossible and cheering on her clients to achieve more than they even hoped.

The thing is, the modern mentality can sometimes miss the mark by a tiny, fractional measurement. We, on the whole, can be so obsessed with this diet or that trend, this idea or that normative thinking, we forget to unleash our powerful inner fight to achieve beyond what we’re told is likely.

Courtney Harris at Ginger Roots is all about the ferocity of the fight: on the floor, in the kitchen, caring for your body to achieve optimal results is possible when you’re positively dedicated to doing the best things for your body and for your health. Ginger Roots believes this to be true, and this is how we approach every single client as an advocate and a cheerleader.

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Fitness is not a Destination...

It is our way of life. Take care of your body by working out regularly. It is the only place you have to live in! Remember you are a force to reckon with.

Builds Strength

Therefore, you function at your maximum!

With each lift comes increased strength.  This will help you in everyday practices and more!

Boosts your Endurance

Improves your cognitive functioning

Increase your strength AND endurance through your lifts!


Build up immunity & lower anxiety

Did you know that muscle BURNS fat!  So turn your body into a fat burning machine when you are away from the gym!