Valerie Castine
My name is Valerie Castine. I had the tremendous opportunity to have one on one coaching with Courtney. The very first time we met in person, I felt an immediate connection and trust (I am an Intuitive, so I pick up on energy right away). Courtney has a heart for assisting each individual in becoming their Best Self , from the inside, out. She will encourage, guide, and cheer you on and at the same time lovingly guiding you to TAKE CONTROL of your health. I am truly grateful that she came into my world. You will not be disappointed working with her. The Gem that she is. ❤️
Miriam H.
Courtney is an incredible coach.  I followed her journey for many months and knew she was the one who could help me. She digs right in and isn’t afraid to find out what you really need to tackle to get healthy and fit. She helped me plan daily meals, and I loved having a shopping list already made for me. There is no hiding with her, and that’s what I needed. She coached me in such an encouraging way that I felt inspired, uplifted, and motivated to keep after it. I’m so happy I asked her to coach me and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!
Sarah R.
Working with Ginger Roots Fitness, i.e. Courtney Harris, was a very positive experience.  I hired Courtney for her nutritional services and I lost 10lbs within a 4 week timeline.  I’m a petite lady, so 10lbs is a lot!  Courtney made herself available to me anytime I had a question.  Through her guidance, I gained a better understanding of the Keto diet.  Courtney listened to my medical requirements and allergy list and catered to my nutritional needs when she created my meal plan each week.  I definitely recommend working with Courtney because you, not only, obtain value added insight about your body and how it relates to nutrition, but you also get a friend.
Tosha L.
Courtney is simply incredible. She has truly changed my life. Her motivational abilities are second to none. She is extremely knowledgeable and practices every bit of her trade. She has taught me so much, not only about fitness and nutrition, but about health as a way of life. Her positive energy, genuineness, and kind approach provide such a nurturing base to begin journey to health and wellness. She seems to have a sixth sense about how far to push you and make your dreams a reality! This woman is a kindred spirit who I am so thankful to have in my life!

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  • Rachel Pate

    Working with Courtney has been such an amazing experience! She helped me push myself and find the motivation I needed to get back on a healthy lifestyle track. She is one of the most genuine, caring fitness coaches I have ever worked with! Her passion for her clients shines through her positive attitude and kind heart! She is very knowledgeable about health and fitness and really takes the time to cater to what will work best for you personally! Thank you Courtney for your support, motivation, encouragement, wisdom and guidance through this transformation!

  • Nancy

    Hi! My name is Nancy. I had been on the Ketogenic wagon for about 6 months before I met Courtney. I had reached a level of fitness I was happy with, but as a non-complaisant person, always looking for better, I desired more out of my workouts but didn’t know how to manipulate my fat macros to achieve an even more defined physique. Found and worked with Courtney; sure enough she helped me figure out the perfect macronutrient count for me. In just 4 weeks I achieved a level that met my expectations. I was able to shed some fat and see more definition while at the same time break some personal records in the weight room. Am I done? No but the knowledge I gained from Courtney has helped me further work with my macros effectively.

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